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To get a quick overview over how to use FastF1, check out Getting Started or the Examples Gallery.

Furthermore, there are some great articles and examples written by other people. They provide a nice overview about what you can do with FastF1 and might help you to get started.


FastF1 gives you access to F1 lap timing, car telemetry and position, tyre data, weather data, the event schedule and session results.

The module is designed around Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib. This makes it easy to use while offering lots of possibilities for data analysis and visualization.

FastF1 handles big chunks of data (~50-100mb per session) so most of the information is stored locally as cached requests (be aware).

All data is downloaded from two sources:

Have fun!


It is recommended to install FastF1 using pip:

pip install fastf1

Note that Python 3.8 or higher is required. (The live timing client does not support Python 3.10, therefore full functionality is only available with Python 3.8 and 3.9)

Alternatively, a wheel or a source distribution can be downloaded from Pypi.

Available Data

The following is a short overview over the available data with some references to functions and objects used to work with this data.

  • The event schedule for past seasons and the current season, including upcoming events. The schedule provides event names, countries, locations, dates, scheduled starting times and more. See fastf1.get_event_schedule(), EventSchedule

    This data is also available for individual events. See fastf1.get_event(), Event

  • Driver information and session results, including driver names, team names, finishing and grid positions, points, and more. See SessionResults, DriverResult

  • Lap timing data including sector times, lap times, pit stops, tyre data and more. See Laps

  • Telemetry data including speed, rpm, gear and more. See Telemetry

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FastF1 is unofficial software and in no way associated with the Formula 1 group of companies.