FastF1 uses the pytest framework.

The tests are in fastf1/tests, and customizations to the pytest testing infrastructure are in fastf1.testing.


To run the tests you will need to set up FastF1 for development. Note in particular the additional dependencies for testing.

Running the tests

In the root directory of your development repository run:

python -m pytest

pytest can be configured via a lot of command-line parameters. Some particularly useful ones are:

-v or --verbose

Be more verbose

-n NUM

Run tests in parallel over NUM processes (requires pytest-xdist)

--capture=no or -s

Do not capture stdout

To run a single test from the command line, you can provide a file path, optionally followed by the function separated by two colons, e.g., (tests do not need to be installed, but FastF1 should be):

pytest fastf1/tests/test_events.py::test_event_get_session_date