Speed visualization on track map

(Example provided by @JSEHV on Github)

import fastf1 as ff1
import numpy as np
import matplotlib as mpl

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.collections import LineCollection

ff1.Cache.enable_cache('../doc_cache')  # replace with your cache directory

First, we define some variables that allow us to conveniently control what we want to plot.

year = 2021
wknd = 9
ses = 'R'
driver = 'RIC'
colormap = mpl.cm.plasma

Next, we load the session and select the desired data.

session = ff1.get_session(year, wknd, ses)
weekend = session.event
lap = session.laps.pick_driver(driver).pick_fastest()

# Get telemetry data
x = lap.telemetry['X']              # values for x-axis
y = lap.telemetry['Y']              # values for y-axis
color = lap.telemetry['Speed']      # value to base color gradient on

Now, we create a set of line segments so that we can color them individually. This creates the points as a N x 1 x 2 array so that we can stack points together easily to get the segments. The segments array for line collection needs to be (numlines) x (points per line) x 2 (for x and y)

points = np.array([x, y]).T.reshape(-1, 1, 2)
segments = np.concatenate([points[:-1], points[1:]], axis=1)

After this, we can actually plot the data.

# We create a plot with title and adjust some setting to make it look good.
fig, ax = plt.subplots(sharex=True, sharey=True, figsize=(12, 6.75))
fig.suptitle(f'{weekend.name} {year} - {driver} - Speed', size=24, y=0.97)

# Adjust margins and turn of axis
plt.subplots_adjust(left=0.1, right=0.9, top=0.9, bottom=0.12)

# After this, we plot the data itself.
# Create background track line
ax.plot(lap.telemetry['X'], lap.telemetry['Y'], color='black', linestyle='-', linewidth=16, zorder=0)

# Create a continuous norm to map from data points to colors
norm = plt.Normalize(color.min(), color.max())
lc = LineCollection(segments, cmap=colormap, norm=norm, linestyle='-', linewidth=5)

# Set the values used for colormapping

# Merge all line segments together
line = ax.add_collection(lc)

# Finally, we create a color bar as a legend.
cbaxes = fig.add_axes([0.25, 0.05, 0.5, 0.05])
normlegend = mpl.colors.Normalize(vmin=color.min(), vmax=color.max())
legend = mpl.colorbar.ColorbarBase(cbaxes, norm=normlegend, cmap=colormap, orientation="horizontal")

# Show the plot
Austrian Grand Prix 2021 - RIC - Speed
/home/runner/work/Fast-F1/Fast-F1/fastf1/events.py:676: FutureWarning: The `Weekend.name` property is deprecated and will beremoved in a future version.
Use `Event['EventName']` or `Event.EventName` instead.

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