Who can still win the drivers WDC?

Calculates which drivers still has chance to win the WDC. Simplified since it doesn’t compare positions if points are equal.

This example implements 3 functions that it then uses to calculate it’s result.

import requests
import fastf1

fastf1.Cache.enable_cache("../doc_cache")  # replace with your cache directory

We need a function to get the current driver standings from Ergast and returns as list of drivers. Reference https://ergast.com/mrd/methods/standings/

def get_drivers_standings():
    url = "https://ergast.com/api/f1/current/driverStandings.json"
    response = requests.get(url)
    data = response.json()
    drivers_standings = data['MRData']['StandingsTable']['StandingsLists'][0]['DriverStandings']  # noqa: E501
    return drivers_standings

We need a function to calculates the maximum amount of points possible if a driver wins everything left of the season. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Formula_One_World_Championship_points_scoring_systems

def calculate_max_points_for_remaining_season():
    POINTS_FOR_SPRINT = 8 + 25 + 1  # Winning the sprint, race and fastest lap
    POINTS_FOR_CONVENTIONAL = 25 + 1  # Winning the race and fastest lap

    events = fastf1.events.get_events_remaining()
    # Count how many sprints and conventional races are left
    sprint_events = \
        len(events.loc[events["EventFormat"] == "sprint"])
    conventional_events = \
        len(events.loc[events["EventFormat"] == "conventional"])

    # Calculate points for each
    sprint_points = sprint_events * POINTS_FOR_SPRINT
    conventional_points = conventional_events * POINTS_FOR_CONVENTIONAL

    return sprint_points + conventional_points

For each driver we will see if there is a chance to get more points than the current leader. We assume the leader gets no more points and the driver gets the theoretical maximum amount of points.

We currently don’t consider the case of two drivers getting equal points since its more complicated and would require comparing positions.

def calculate_who_can_win(driver_standings, max_points):
    LEADER_POINTS = int(driver_standings[0]['points'])

    for _, driver in enumerate(driver_standings):
        driver_max_points = int(driver["points"]) + max_points
        can_win = 'No' if driver_max_points < LEADER_POINTS else 'Yes'

        print(f"{driver['position']}: \
{driver['Driver']['code']}, \
Current points: {driver['points']}, \
Theoretical max points: {driver_max_points}, \
Can win: {can_win}")

Now using the 3 functions above we can use them to calculate who can still win.

# Get the current drivers standings
driver_standings = get_drivers_standings()

# Get the maximum amount of points
points = calculate_max_points_for_remaining_season()

# Print which drivers can still win
calculate_who_can_win(driver_standings, points)
1: VER, Current points: 258, Theoretical max points: 500, Can win: Yes
2: LEC, Current points: 178, Theoretical max points: 420, Can win: Yes
3: PER, Current points: 173, Theoretical max points: 415, Can win: Yes
4: RUS, Current points: 158, Theoretical max points: 400, Can win: Yes
5: SAI, Current points: 156, Theoretical max points: 398, Can win: Yes
6: HAM, Current points: 146, Theoretical max points: 388, Can win: Yes
7: NOR, Current points: 76, Theoretical max points: 318, Can win: Yes
8: OCO, Current points: 58, Theoretical max points: 300, Can win: Yes
9: BOT, Current points: 46, Theoretical max points: 288, Can win: Yes
10: ALO, Current points: 41, Theoretical max points: 283, Can win: Yes
11: MAG, Current points: 22, Theoretical max points: 264, Can win: Yes
12: RIC, Current points: 19, Theoretical max points: 261, Can win: Yes
13: GAS, Current points: 16, Theoretical max points: 258, Can win: Yes
14: VET, Current points: 16, Theoretical max points: 258, Can win: Yes
15: MSC, Current points: 12, Theoretical max points: 254, Can win: No
16: TSU, Current points: 11, Theoretical max points: 253, Can win: No
17: ZHO, Current points: 5, Theoretical max points: 247, Can win: No
18: STR, Current points: 4, Theoretical max points: 246, Can win: No
19: ALB, Current points: 3, Theoretical max points: 245, Can win: No
20: LAT, Current points: 0, Theoretical max points: 242, Can win: No
21: HUL, Current points: 0, Theoretical max points: 242, Can win: No

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